You have a great business idea.  You have the determination.  You have the drive. We provide the expertise to help your business bloom.

In uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to know your business’s rights, obligations, and options. Our expertise is in corporate bankruptcy, business acquisitions, and outside general counsel work. With that expertise, we can help you decide your next steps for your business.

Between us, we have nearly fifty years’ experience working with businesses and entrepreneurs in a variety of businesses – retail, real estate, manufacturing, education, and nonprofit, to name a few.

We’re entrepreneurs too, so we understand that business isn’t just business. A new business is like a baby that needs attention and care, dedication and nurturing. An older business, like a child growing up, needs room and resources to grow and self-define. And a faltering business needs help to diagnose and treat systemic problems, to triage emergencies, and to assess its future operations. That’s why we also specialize in asset sales, workouts, and corporate bankruptcy.

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