Your time is precious, but perhaps you don’t need a full-time lawyer. Instead, you need expertise to help your business bloom.

That’s where Bloom & Bloom, LLC can help. We’re outside general counsel for small and emerging businesses, startups, and closely held entities, providing services to clients throughout the life cycles of these businesses. These life-cycle events include corporate organization; governance; investment; buy/sell issues; business strategy; and bankruptcy or dissolution.

Our philosophy? Behind every business is a person – a person who has built the business and who cares deeply about its success, and who can define that success as they choose. It’s our job to help my clients get to that success, using my moxie, determination, dedication, and knowledge.

After all, we’re small-business owners, too. We get it.

Between Nella and Myron, we have nearly sixty years’ experience working with businesses and entrepreneurs in a variety of businesses – retail, real estate, manufacturing, education, and nonprofit, to name a few.

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Bloom & Bloom, LLC
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