My Very Own WBE

I’ve counseled many businesses on becoming woman-owned business enterprises (WBEs) or minority-owned business enterprises (MBEs). Now it’s my turn to apply for WBE status for Bloom & Bloom, LLC.

Applying for WBE status makes sense for this firm because we’re focused in part on Philadelphia real estate matters. The City of Philadelphia sometimes bids out agreements for legal services. Philadelphia has WBE and MBE participation goals for many, if not all, contracting opportunities, so certifying will permit us to bid on those projects.

Just as important, in applying for a WBE, I will be able to get a client’s perspective on the WBE application process. Up to now, my participation has been as a lawyer, advising a client on how best to convey his or her essential involvement in the business. Now as Managing Member, I’ll be acting as my own advocate in this application, describing my startup process, my financial contributions, my sweat equity, and my management of the firm.

Perhaps it’s true that one who represents herself has a fool for a client. But I hope that soon enough, I’ll report that Bloom & Bloom, LLC is a WBE.

Published by nellabloom

I help small-business owners with their legal needs – from startup to shut-down and the issues in between.

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