How does legal marijuana impact my business’s hiring practices?

In our last articles, we highlighted the confusing nature of marijuana, and when it is, or isn’t, legal to use. Now we turn to the issue which hits employers the most: how does legal medical marijuana use impact my business’s hiring practices? Questions about medical marijuana and when to ask  An employer cannot ask questions […]

When must medical marijuana use be accommodated in the workplace?

In my last article, we learned that marijuana is not unequivocally legal everywhere. Now we’ll discuss when medical marijuana use must be accommodated by an employer or prospective employer, and how the issue arises. Disability and Accommodation The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, has been used to address the use of medical marijuana. An […]

Medical marijuana in the workplace, part 1: Is marijuana legal?

Is marijuana legal? If so, where? Or under what circumstances? The most pressing question is this: is marijuana legal? No, it’s not unequivocally legal. Federal Law Prohibits Marijuana Use Marijuana is classified by the Federal government as an illegal drug. Federal law often preempts state law, so the general rule is that marijuana is illegal. […]

Career Day

I love Career Day. I love it because I love talking about my work as outside general counsel, and I love meeting people. I got to design my business, and my job is helping other people design their businesses. It’s a great job! I inevitably sign up to present at Career Day. After I sign […]

Monet and Manufacturing- Painting a Picture of Employee Satisfaction

Is manufacturing meaningful? Are employees destined to feel like the cogs they install? Or can a company successfully show employees that they matter to the bigger picture? One summer during college I got a job as a research assistant. I was hired to perform sociology field work at a manufacturing plant and to take notes […]

Preventing unexpected internal losses

Last Tuesday, my colleague John Capizzi, Principal of Internal Audit Services, Inc. International and I presented to the Diversified Real Estate Investor Group (or DIG) at the London Grill, on unexpected internal business losses – otherwise known as internal fraud or theft. Here are a few of the highlights. If you experience a business loss, […]