My Interview with Paul Rosso of Real Estate Today with Paul Rosso

A great big THANK YOU to Paul Rosso and the staff of WWDB-AM TALK 860 for taking the time to interview me on conservatorship under Pennsylvania’s Act 135 of 2008 (and other topics) on his radio show Real Estate Today with Paul Rosso. The interview can be downloaded here: (last visited April 28, 2015). 

Upcoming Events and Announcements- April 2015 Edition

Bloom & Bloom believes in disseminating knowledge. That’s why we like public speaking on small business and real estate topics. If your group needs a speaker, reach out – perhaps we can help. Nella’s upcoming speaking engagements include: “Philadelphia’s Distressed Properties: What are My Investment Options?” April 15, 2015 at 6:30 pm, Johnny Utah’s (461 […]

The Philadelphia Land Bank- the dialogue continues

Previously in this blog, I profiled the Philadelphia Land Bank. Since that post, the Land Bank’s progress has continued apace. The Land Bank’s strategic plan was approved by City Council in December of 2014 and a Board of Directors has been appointed. More recently, the Land Bank issued its first Request for Proposals for the […]

Do Philadelphia’s Real Estate Tax Abatements Benefit The City?

Since 2000, tax abatements on Philadelphia real estate have been available to owners or developers of commercial or residential real estate who make improvements to real property in Philadelphia. Many abatements permit an applicant to exempt the tax otherwise due on the improvements for up to ten years. When an abatement is in place, the […]

Making the most of your “knowledge web”

Everyone has business or legal questions they can’t answer – even lawyers (especially lawyers). Which is why I’ve focused in part on creating a “knowledge web*,” a network not only of trusted friends and colleagues, but also people with expertise in areas of the law where I don’t practice. My knowledge web helps me, but […]

Debt collection: the Wild West (or worse)

It’s estimated that there are around 9,600 debt collection agencies in the United States, all trying to make money off consumer debt. Some are legitimate, but many aren’t. For those that are above-board, there’s no issue: the company buys the debt from the original holder, like a credit card company, and does its best to […]

The trouble with law firm mergers

On Monday, November 24, Philadelphia-based Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP absorbed Boston-based Bingham McCutcheon LLP. When the merger is complete, Morgan will have nearly 2,000 lawyers in 28 offices worldwide, and will be the tenth-largest law firm in the world. Is there an advantage to the merger? Let’s put it this way: in their shoes, […]