How can I perfect my great idea when I have to spend so much time managing my business?

A small business starts out with a great idea – a product, a service, or a particular expertise – and a driven organizer.  However, having a great idea is very different from running a business, and an organizer might find himself spending more time running the business than executing his idea.  It can be very […]

Did I really agree to anything when I clicked “I AGREE?”

If you use online or device-based software, you almost certainly clicked “I AGREE” to the terms and conditions in order to purchase or use it.  And if you’re like most people, you probably didn’t read all of the terms and conditions before you clicked.  So if you didn’t read it, did you really agree to […]

Certifying as a Woman-Owned or Minority-Owned Business Enterprise

Becoming a woman-owned business enterprise (WBE), minority-owned business enterprise (MBE), or other type of disadvantaged business enterprise (collectively, DBE) is a very attractive option for some businesses, particularly companies in the construction industry that want to obtain government contracts. Construction projects receiving Federal, state, or sometimes city funding have DBE participation goals, and general contractors use […]

Revel Casino Ends With A Whimper

Revel, the resort-casino in Atlantic City, closes its doors in just a few days. Perhaps Revel could have succeeded as a unique and elegant feature of the Boardwalk.  Instead, Revel was a catastrophic failure, becoming the victim of the economic downturn, competition, horribly bad luck, and bad decisions. No new casinos had been built in Atlantic City for […]