Our business is to help your business.

Corporate Law and Business Planning

Bloom & Bloom, LLC can help your business bloom from your first great idea onward. We can help you maximize returns and minimize risks by advising on issues such as:

  • Business plan development
  • Corporate organization and corporate forms
  • Statutory compliance
  • Women-owned business, minority-owned business, or disadvantaged-owned business certification
  • Employee considerations
  • Obligations to banks, trade creditors, or others

We can also help you by drafting and reviewing essential documents to implement your ideas – for example:

  • Organizational documents, equity holder agreements, bylaws, and meeting minutes
  • Employment agreements, employee handbooks, independent contractor agreements
  • Administrative applications
  • Loan documents, forbearance agreements, and UCCs
  • Property leases, equipment leases, service contracts, and other agreements

Mergers & Acquisitions
Asset Sales & Purchases

Bloom & Bloom, LLC has assisted dozens of business owners in selling or purchasing assets over the years – and we’ve grown to really enjoy the work. Here’s how we help your business bloom:

  • We listen to our clients’ preferences and goals in buying or selling.
  • We create agreements that reflect what our clients want – and what they need.
  • We advise our clients on aspects of the sale that they might not know about, but need to consider.
  • We work collaboratively with other lawyers to consummate the deal.

Corporate Bankruptcy Law

Now, more than ever, it is essential for a business to understand its rights, obligations, and options.

For nearly fifty years, Bloom & Bloom’s attorneys have specialized in corporate bankruptcy representations. We’ve represented debtors, creditors, trustees, and committees.  If your business has interacted with a company that filed for bankruptcy, we can advise you on how that affects your business, and if your business is in trouble, we can help.

Bloom & Bloom, LLC’s bankruptcy law services include:

  • Advising on options for a troubled business
  • Creditor representation, including filing claim forms and relief from stay
  • Committee representation
  • Loan workouts and modifications
  • Subchapter V bankruptcy matters
  • Business dissolutions under state law

Protecting your company in the face of any entity’s bankruptcy is essential.  Our extensive knowledge of bankruptcy law can help maximize its position.

Minority Business Certification

Bloom & Bloom, LLC’s attorneys have successfully represented entities seeking certification as minority-owned or woman-owned businesses in Pennsylvania.  Here’s our process to help your business bloom:

  • We sit down with the owners and managers to understand why they want certification.
  • We assess whether certification would be profitable.
  • We review whether the business would likely qualify.
  • We advise on the steps the business should take to maximize its chances of qualification.
  • We prepare the application and any other necessary documents for submission to the certifying agency.
  • We consult with the owner before any site visit.

Contact us today to help your business bloom.

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